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På NERA 2016 , som blev der afholdt på Universitetet i Helsinki den 9. - 11. marts, stod CIE-netærket for et symposium, hvor der blev præsenteret i alt 6 papers:


NERA Symposium 2016:



Parallel sessions 5 - 15.50-17.15, March 10. 
Room: Auditorium IV
CIE - Creativity, innovation and pedagogical entrepreneurship in the Nordic countries 

The Nordic countries face – as in the rest of Europe - a number of challenges that can only be met if it has innovative, well-educated, and entrepreneurial citizens who, whatever their walk of life, have the spirit and inquisitiveness to think in new ways, and the courage to meet and adapt to the challenges facing them. Moreover, a dynamic economy, which is innovative and able to create the jobs that are needed, will require a greater number of young people who are willing and able to become entrepreneurs - young people who will launch and successfully develop their own commercial or social ventures, or who will become innovators in the wider organizations in which they work. Because education is one of the keys to shaping young people’s attitudes, skills and culture, it is vital that entrepreneurial learning is addressed from an early age. Pedagogical entrepreneurship can be understood as essential not only to shape the mindsets of young people but also to provide the skills and knowledge that are central to developing an entrepreneurial culture. The main question is: How does this affect the students’ learning and the role of the student in the classroom? In this symposium the participants want to explore pedagogical entrepreneurship in the Nordic countries. The aim is to discuss the definition of pedagogical entrepreneurship as well as presenting different research in the field. Name of discussants: Jan-Birger Johannesen, University in Nordland, Norway Ove Pedersen, University in Nordland, Norway Svanborg Jónsdóttir, University of Iceland Mats Westerberg, Luleå Universitet, Sweden Eva Leffler, Umeå Universitet, Sweden 
Chair: Michael Dal, University of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland
Dal, Michael:  Research on pedagogical enrepreneurship - a Literature Review based on studies from three Nordic Countries.  PowerPoint slides

Lindh, Ida:  Entrepreneurial development and the different faces of reflection PowerPoint slides.

Sagar, Helena:  Entrepreneurial Schools - Entrepreneurial Learning Environments and a Changed Teacher Role.  PowerPoint Slides.

Elo, Janne: Enterprise Education in Third Grade:  Results from an Action Research Project.  PowerPoint slides.

Axelsson, Karin: Strategizing in the Public Sector – Empowerment of teachers? PowerPoint Slides.

Leffler, Eva & Svedberg, Gudrun: Entrepreneurial learning / Pedagogical entrepreneurship - what can a Nordic dimension offer. PowerPoint slides.


Participants on the symposium:

Raakel Plamper
Hanna Laalo
Åsa Hemborg
Frode Olav Haara
Eirik S. Jenssen
Anders Arnqvist
Amanda Fairhall
Marte S. Gulliksen
Kaarin Kivimäki
Gudrun Svedberg
Karin Axelsson
Elena Dingu Kyrklund
Helena Sagar
Eva Leffler
Michael Dal







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